Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the new, upcoming DMP Cartridge


  1. Will the new Samba cartridge be compatible with the current Dimatix Materials Printer?

Yes, the new Samba cartridge will be compatible with any DMP-2800 series printers. There is no form factor change from the legacy version and will fit right in your printer.


  1. What software version of the Drop Manager will be needed in order to properly use the new cartridge?

Drop Manager version 3.2 or later will be needed for DMP-2850 printers and version 2.1 or later for DMP-2831 printers.


  1. Can the same fluid and waveform that was used with the legacy cartridge also be used with the new Samba cartridge?

Like the Samba printhead, the ideal fluid viscosity needed for use with the new Samba cartridge is in the range of 4-8 cps. If the fluid viscosity is higher than 8 cps, increasing the jetting temperature (controllable with the DMP) may help to effectively lower its viscosity. The Samba cartridge waveform is recommended as a starting point for jetting optimization and is available for download in our Customer Hub.


  1. What is the difference between the legacy DMP cartridge and the new cartridge?

The legacy DMP cartridge has 16 nozzles with a native resolution of 100 DPI. The new cartridge has 12 nozzles with a native resolution of 75 DPI and has a jet design based on a commercial printhead.


  1. When setting the print resolution, will the required cartridge angle be different between the legacy and new cartridge?

Yes, you must rotate the cartridge angle to a new value to accommodate the 75 DPI.. Please see our article on how to properly set the cartridge angle with either a 100 DPI or 75 DPI cartridge here.


  1. Will the legacy DMP cartridge remain usable if I do update the printer software?

Yes. The legacy DMP cartridge will remain usable with the new software update. When replacing the cartridge, the DMP software will prompt you to select which cartridge you will use.


  1. Will my DMP decrease in print resolution because of the decrease in native resolution and nozzle number in the new cartridge?

No. The print resolution of your printer will not decrease by using the new cartridge. You can achieve the same drop spacing and DPI of the legacy 100 DPI cartridge with the new 75 DPI cartridge by simply changing the cartridge (saber) angle. Please see our article on how to properly set the cartridge angle with either a 100 DPI or 75 DPI cartridge here.


  1. Are there changes in cartridge drop volumes?

Yes. The Samba cartridge will have a 2.4 pL drop volume as it is based on our industrial Samba printhead design. Another new cartridge will have a drop volume of 5 pL, and will be based on an upcoming printhead product called GMA expected for release Q1 2022. Other future cartridges will have a 1 and 10 pL drop volumes but we currently do not have a timeline for release.


  1. Do I have to change my pattern files to be able to use the new cartridge?

Yes. Since the drop volumes will be different, this will affect the dot size, drop spacing and hence, resolution of your pattern. Though you can use the same pattern files that you already have when using the new cartridge, you will additionally need to adjust the cartridge (saber) angle to a new value for 75 DPI. For example, the cartridge angle for a typical resolution of 20 um drop spacing / 1270 DPI will need to be changed from 4.5 degrees to 3.4 degrees. To obtain the drop spacing, like with the legacy DMP cartridge, you will need to determine the spot diameter (optimal drop spacing = spot radius) of your fluid using the new cartridge.


  1. Will the new Samba cartridge be compatible with legacy printers such as the DMP-3000 or DMP-5000?

There is no plan to release a new software version that will support a 12-jet, 75 DPI cartridge on a DMP-3000 or DMP-5000 at this time. However, since the new cartridge has the exact form factor and electrical connections as the legacy cartridge, it could possibly be used by legacy printers if only 1 jet is used to print (this has not been tested). Using more than 1 jet will cause print anomalies due to the difference in nozzle pitch.


  1. When will the new Samba cartridge be released?

The new Samba cartridge is available to order now.


  1. How much will the new cartridge cost and how to purchase?

Please contact our Customer Service at to request a quote.